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Welcome to the Ohio Geographic Alliance!

Established in 1990, OGA is an organization devoted to enhancing geography, as both a physical and social science, in Ohio's K-12 curriculum. It is a partnership that includes K-12 teachers and university geography professors who work together in pre-service, inservice, materials development and public engagement activities

The Alliance is in an exciting new phase of delopment.

New State standards for social studies now include a separate geography standard at every grade level.

With the continued support of the National Geographic Society, new teacher consultants are being trained and a more regular pattern of workshops directly aligned with the state standards is being offered. Plans are underway for OGA involvement in two major Summer Institutes.

A Geofest activity is being planned for Spring 2010.

Our website has been redesigned and Newsletters will be sent during Autumn 2009 to our approximately 3000 members.

The Nationally ranked Department of Geography at The Ohio State University continues to provide us with support, and is the base for our operations.

Read more about us, and contact us for further information or for any assistance that we can provide in activities related to enhancing geographic education.

W. Randy Smith, Ph.D
The Ohio Geographic Alliance
Department of Geography
The Ohio Sate University


National Geographic Education Foundation

Ohio Geographic Alliance is located at

The Ohio State University

1036 Derby Hall, 154 North Oval Mall

Columbus, OH. 43210

(614) 292-9552

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