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Darla Munroe

Darla Munroe
Address: 1123 Derby Hall
Phone: 247-8382
Email: munroe.9@osu.edu
Current CV: Download (PDF)
Personal Webpage: http://u.osu.edu/munroe.9
Interests: Economic Restructuring, Land-use Change and Modeling

Current Research: I am an economic geographer who studies land use/cover change. I am interested in how economic restructuring (e.g., neoliberalism and globalization) and political changes (e.g., land reform) lead to changes in agricultural and forested landscapes. In order to understand processes underlying land-use/cover change and associated socioecological effects, I employ a variety of techniques including statistics, spatial statistics and more recently, complex systems frameworks and agent-based modeling.

Courses Taught:
Geography 2400-Economic and Social Geography
IntStds 3350 Introduction to Western Europe
Geog 8109 Graduate Student Professionalization
Geography 5402-Land Use Geography

Select Publications:
Munroe, D.K., K. McSweeney, J.L. Olson, and B. Mansfield. Using economic geography to reinvigorate land-change science. Geoforum. Forthcoming.

2013 Munroe, D.K., D.B. Van Berkel, J.L. Olson and P.H. Verburg. Alternative trajectories of agricultural abandonment. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability. 5: 471-476.

2012 Seto, K. C., A. Reenberg, C.G. Boone, M. Fragkias, D. Haase, T. Langanke, P. Marcotullio, D.K. Munroe, B. Olah and D. Simon. Urban land teleconnections and sustainability. Proceedings of the National Academies of Science. 109(40): 16083-16088.

2010 Mansfield, B., D.K. Munroe, and K. McSweeney. Does Economic Growth Cause Environmental Recovery? Geographical Explanations of Forest Regrowth. Geography Compass 4(5): 416-427. 

2009 Irwin, E.G., C. Jayaprakash, D.K. Munroe. Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Modeling Urban Spatial Dynamics. Landscape Ecology 24(9): 1223-1236.